Cash Management

Effectively manage your company's cash.

As your business grows, your cash management needs change. No matter what the size of your company, you can tailor your cash management system to your own needs with SpiritBank's cash management products and services.

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Zero Balance Accounts

Concentrate your cash.

Zero balance accounts allow you to concentrate your funds from multiple SpiritBank accounts for added control over your cash.

All disbursements out of your zero balance account will automatically fund from a “master” account and will leave the disbursement account at a zero balance each business day.

Previously idle balances can now be invested.

Loan Sweep Accounts

Sweep excess funds to pay down your line of credit, your cash collateral account or any account's target balance you choose.

  • Minimizes interest expense – repays line of credit as funds become available
  • Minimizes daily cash management tasks – eliminates excess time spent working with debt decisions

Account Reconciliation

Efficiently reconcile your checking accounts.

Each month we will provide you with:

  • a listing of all checks that have cleared your account(s)
  • all miscellaneous debits and credits
  • a summary report for the month that includes a beginning account balance, summary totals for the items above, and an ending account balance

CD-ROM Statements

Get a monthly CD-ROM image statement that provides images of your bank statement, paid checks, deposit slips, and deposited items.

It’s the perfect way to have easy, convenient access to months, even years of account history.

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