Certificates of Deposit

Maximize your returns. Greater safety.

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term investments, SpiritBank’s CDs are safe and reliable, and our competitive interest rates keep your money growing. Which one is right for you?
  • Terms available from 30 days to 5 years
  • Minimum opening deposits of $1000 for terms of over 1 year
  • Minimum opening deposits of $2500 for terms of 1 year or under
  • Minimum opening deposits of $2500 on CD Specials
  • Automatically renewable
Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings.

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Interest Rates for Certificates of Deposit

Interest rates current as of February 22, 2017 and subject to change at any time.

Term Rate APY*
30 Day 0.10 % 0.10 %
91 Day 0.30% 0.30 %

6 Month

0.45 %

0.45 %

7 Month Special
12 Month 0.75 % 0.75 %
13 Month CD Special
24 Month 1.00% 1.00 %
3 Year 1.09% 1.10%
4 Year 1.29% 1.30%
5 Year 1.49% 1.50%

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Substantial penalty for early withdrawal of CD. Fees may reduce earnings.
CD Specials have a minimum opening deposit of $2,500.
Terms one year and under have a minimum opening deposit of $2,500.
Terms over one year have a minimum opening deposit of $1,000.

Maximum balance of $240,000 in each CD.

*APY means “Annual Percentage Yield”


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