May/June Personal Finance Newsletter: Online Security

Welcome to our May/June Personal Finance Newsletter. This issue focuses on ways to keep your financial data secure online.

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13 Simple Ways to Protect Your Family’s Data

With increasing frequency, we’re seeing large privacy violations — when hackers get access to people’s online data or companies misuse it or fail to protect it — and we all realize how vulnerable we are to identity theft, the publication of sensitive information, and stolen credit card numbers. Read More at CNN.com


17 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Hacked

More and more, common items we regularly use are becoming connected, making things more convenient, not only for us, but for hackers, too. Here’s how to protect your home-and your family. Read More at ReadersDigest.com


Better Business Bureau: How to Keep Your Smartphone Data Safe

How can you protect your private information? In the wake of this alarming slew of data breaches, the Better Business Bureau is urging consumers to take action now. Read More at The Daily Herald


Stop That Phish

Since many people around the world depend on technology, phishing has become one of the primary attack methods used by cyber attackers.  Learn what phishing is and how to spot and prevent falling victim to these attacks, whether you are at home or work.  Read More at SANS.org