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Cash Advantage

Imagine all your customers paying you in cash!

Let us alleviate those cumbersome account receivable tasks so you can focus more on your business. Unlike other factoring programs, SpiritBank is here to work with you to help improve your cash flow situation.

With SpiritBank’s Cash Advantage program, you receive immediate cash for all your receivables, improving cash flow without incurring debt.

SpiritBank Cash Advantage

What does your business do? Would you like to spend more time doing it?

With SpiritBank’s Cash Advantage you’ll have more flexibility to focus on what you do best.

Cash Advantage allows you to:

  • Provides same day cash to grow your business
  • Improve profits by taking advantage of merchant discounts and improved cash flow
  • Operate essentially debt free

Cash Advantage offers your business:

  • State of the art receivables management
  • Detailed reporting and tracking of all transactions
  • A low-cost opportunity to convert accounts receivable into working capital without incurring debt

How it works:

  • SpiritBank will purchase your company’s receivables and give you immediate, same day cash
  • You handle the invoicing as usual; we’ll process and apply the payments to your balance
  • We then send transaction information to you for your records
  • A small percentage of your receivables are set up in an interest-bearing account as a reserve against any uncollectable receivable, which is refundable upon invoice payment

With Cash Advantage, you eliminate the time and cost of processing payments in house, and benefit from the immediate cash to help run your business.