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Money Market

If your money’s not making money, then it isn’t working for you.

With SpiritBank’s Commercial Money Market** accounts you can earn higher interest on your funds while still having quick access to them—without penalty.

Designed for business customers who want to earn a rate on their funds.

  • Tiered interest rate based upon average monthly collected balance
  • Minimum balance of $5,000 required
  • No fee unless balance falls below required minimum
  • Maximum of 6 debit transactions per month by check, draft or debit card to third parties
  • FDIC Insured

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Interest Rates for Commercial Money Market** Accounts

Account Type
Commercial Money Market
Tier 1: $5,000 minimum0.10%0.10%
Tier 2: $25,000 minimum0.20%0.20%
Tier 3: $100,000 minimum0.30%0.30%
Tier 4: $250,000 minimum0.50%0.50%
Tier 5: $500,000 minimum0.70%0.70%
Interest rates current as of April 2, 2020 and subject to change at any time.

Rate may change after account is opened. Fees may reduce earnings.

*APY means “Annual Percentage Yield”

**Transaction limitations apply in accordance with federal regulations. Federal regulations limit the number of withdrawals or transfers to six per month from any savings or money market account. Limited transactions include the following: checks, debit card purchase transactions, preauthorized payments to any third party, wires or funds transfers, Overdraft Protect transfers, online payments and telephone transfers. Federal regulations also require financial institutions to monitor these transaction types on savings and money market accounts, and convert these accounts to an unlimited transaction account (i.e., checking account) when the number of transactions exceed the limit of six per month three times during a 12 month period. The following withdrawals or transfers are not limited on a savings or money market account: transactions made in person at a SpirtBank branch, at a SpiritBank ATM or sent to SpiritBank by mail.